Radd Peters


Bachelor of Chiropractic Science at Macquarie University

Master of Chiropractic at Macquarie University

Radd takes the whole body approach during his sessions which includes the spine, head, jaw, arms, and legs. He prefers to begin with easy and light adjustments, mobilisations and soft tissue massage and regularly utilises a small adjusting tool called the Integrator. His clients span from one-day-old babies through to ninety-year-olds and he loves to see the whole family benefit with chiropractic work.

With a history of migraines in the family and after developing epilepsy in his second year of studies, Radd has explored a  myriad treatments in various fields including nutrition, movement, meditation, self-development and more. Radd has been a chiropractic patient himself from the age of three and during his Masters degree began to see how much more chiropractic could offer the body than simply aligning the spine. He is well-equipped to offer advice to others struggling with their own personal health journey.

Chiropractic has many approaches and Radd has completed courses and can offer treatment using torque release techniqueapplied kinesiologysacral occipital technique and neuro-emotional techniqueRadd feels an integrated approach to healing is highly beneficial to meet the individual needs of his clients and regularly refers on to the other practitioners within The Living Well Studio.

Being a born and bred Gold Coaster, Radd moved back after finishing his studies in Sydney. He has learnt a lot while working at different Chiropractic clinics before opening The Living Well Studio with his wife Indianna. Maybe you would like to join him cycling, running, surfing, golfing, tennis, exploring the arts, festivals and music.

Conveniently located at 2/5 Stevenson Crt Burleigh, Gold Coast.

We boast a purpose-built Pilates Studio with professional reformer equipment to deliver a full range of Pilates programs to suit your needs.