Andreas Kuhn

Western Herbalist & Natropath

Andreas is a fully qualified naturopathnutritionist, and herbalist. In his practice he makes use of the latest clinical research whilst also being open-minded and sensitive to the requests and unique life situations of his patients. His warm, grounded and friendly nature have a tendency to help people feel at ease and establishes a sense of trust from the get go.

In addition to his many clinical skills, Andreas has undergone training in Motivational Interviewing (MI), an evidence-based counselling technique that allows him to gently guide patients to change longstanding behaviours that may be sabotaging their efforts to be the healthiest version of themselves. This is often the missing ingredient in a holistic approach to healthcare, as
health behaviours, not merely knowledge about nutrition and natural wellbeing, are what inevitably shape our wellbeing.

A consultation with Andreas will empower you to take the driver’s seat to brainstorm your individual goals and aims that will guide you on your healing journey. Rather than just trying to “fix” an individual by giving them medicines and health instructions.