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What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is about improving our general health, our communication with ourselves and others, thereby improving our quality of life. Kinesiology originated in the 1970s and bridges eastern medicine with modern science to find and correct the cause of stress in the emotional, mental, physical and energetic bodies using the tool of muscle monitoring. This communication tool provides instant access to stress information held in the clients subconscious – the mind body control system. Enabling the kinesiologist to find what is currently preventing you from achieving your full potential in life or health. Kinesiology techniques are then used to assist the body to eliminate/ shift the stress.

Who can it help?

Everyone can benefit from kinesiology, from the unwell to the healthy and fit. Adults, children, men and women use it to improve performance in many areas of their life such as education, sports, business, finance and relationships. It can also help you make positive changes and improve your overall health and wellbeing.

Kinesiology treats a variety of issues from

➢ Enhancement in sports performance as well as injury prevention, ➢ Goal setting (clarity, focus and motivation) ➢ Learning difficulties ➢ Emotional and mental concerns like anxiety, depression, feeling stuck, nervous conditions, overcoming phobias or fear, negative belief patterns ➢ Neuromuscular issues, chronic pain ➢ Clearing chemical and food allergies and intolerances ➢ Problems sleeping ➢ Immune system dysfunction ➢ Giving a new self-responsibility to each person so they can take charge of their own life. Kinesiology is the link that enables you to uncover the connection between thought patterns, limiting beliefs, attitudes and physical conditions in the body. Bypassing the conscious what you ‘think’ is wrong and uncovering what your body already knows is wrong.

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