Iyengar Yoga

Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast

Students are encouraged to challenge their particular areas of limitation whether it be physical or mental so they can emerge stronger, more open and have a greater sense of contentment and wellbeing.

Brad works intuitively to understand your body and the many systems that govern it. 

Do you have a specific issue or simply want to feel great and regain your flexibility? Brad’s Iyengar yoga classes are perfect for:


  • Easing Physical Injuries
  • Improved Sense of Wellbeing
  • Easing Menopause Symptoms
  • Improving Anxiety
  • Relieving Stress
  • Achieving Better Sleep
  • Greater Flexibility

Each class is tailored to you.

Brad will develop a sequence of postures to target specific areas of your body that are prone to congestion like your lower back, shoulders, hips & legs.

Understanding and balancing the elements of the body, earth, fire, air, water, and wood relative to lifestyle, diet, and environment, Brad will determine whether either is in excess or deficiency based on your constitution.

Together, we will work to gain a balance so you can reach your goals and continue to live well.

Our Yoga classes at The Living Well Studio are small intimate classes of 6 people, run in an air-conditioned recently refurbished Yoga space. These intimate classes mean Brad has lots of time for individual correction and monitoring during the class. It also ensures greater safety and modulation if poses are too challenging or maybe need more challenge!


Brad provides a learning environment to help you understand your body through the method of Iyengar Yoga.

Iyengar Yoga is a systematic approach to the practice of Yoga. Brad draws on nearly 2 decades of experience to help students navigate their way through class and their bodies. The classes are insightful, challenging and rewarding. Brad encourages his students to challenge their particular areas of limitation whether it be physical or mental so they can emerge stronger, more open and have a greater sense of contentment and wellbeing.

Iyengar Yoga can be characterised in 4 ways, alignment, sequencing, props (equipment) and integration of the Patanjali Yoga Sutras.

The props in Iyengar Yoga aid the student to achieve proficiency within a pose (asana) until the prop is no longer required. “The prop acts as a teacher giving feedback to the student’s body as what to do.” Through the pursuit of alignment, we notice the body’s irregularities and how to best deal with them.

The classes and postures (Asanas) are sequenced in an order that begins the process of unlocking the student’s body so that they are free from stress and how it manifests in their lives. This sharpens the student’s mind and begins to develop the student’s intellect on how to proceed in practice.

The integration of the Yoga Sutras teaches us how to best live our lives through moral and ethical precepts that help us understand the root cause of suffering and how to overcome it.

Our Yoga Instructor

Brad Thrupp

Iyengar Yoga Teacher
Remedial Massage Therapist

What our clients are saying…

"Practicing Iyengar has given me a better understanding of my mind and body. Each class is time to block out all else and with the kind instruction and guidance from Brad, I get to make a better, stronger me. My only regret is not starting sooner."

"Brad is an excellent Yoga teacher. He knows our capabilities & works on challenging, growing & helping us, safely, with careful explanation of the poses. Just wonderful for the mind, body & soul."

"I love it. Mad if you don't join us. Brad is an amazing coach. Have just joined up for another 6 weeks."

Class Information & Timetable

Small Group Classes of 6

Class Duration – 75mins

Casual Class – $25

11 Class Pack – $250


Monday–Friday: 6am–7pm

Saturday: 6am–1pm

Sunday: Closed

The studio is closed on public holidays unless stated otherwise.


We provide regular patient information sessions on a variety of health related topics.

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