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Exercise Physiology

Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast

What is an Exercise Physiologist (EP):

An Exercise Physiologist is an Allied Health Professional that specialises in clinical exercise interventions for a broad range of conditions.

Why come see us:

➢ Individually tailored exercise programs to suit your fitness & health goals.

➢ We specialise in exercise prescription, lifestyle and health coaching.

➢ Prevention and maintenance of chronic conditions, improve your risk factor profile (ie blood lipids, cholesterol and BP levels, BMI etc)

➢ Restoring and improving strength, mobility and movement for activities of daily living, to your optimal health.

➢ Safe and specific exercise prescription to give you the confidence to move and reach your health goals.  

Pathways to see an EP:

➢ Private: health fund – speak to your health fund for more information on EP rebates

➢ Enhanced Primary Care (EPC’s) – see your GP for an EPC referral (you have up to 5 referrals per year for all Allied Health Professionals) 

How do I Access the EP Groups: 

➢ Book in for an individual Assessment for a Home Exercise Program and or prior to joining the EP group classes.

➢ In your assessment we will cover functional capacity assessment for your current condition, body assessment, body fat analysis and measurements, healthy eating guidelines, setting and prioritising health and fitness goals, provide you with guidance and confidence to start moving more and exercising.

Areas we specialise in:

➢ Weight loss and weight management

➢ Bone density

➢ Chronic Diseases: Type 2 Diabetes, Metabolic syndromes, Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis, Chronic pain, mental illness, hormonal imbalances

➢ Exercise Progressions

Type of Exercise: 

➢ Exercise groups are tailored to each individual’s specific fitness and health levels including:

➢ Resistance training for increased strength and stability 

➢ Interval training to increase your heart rate and metabolism 

➢ Body weight and loading exercises for joints and bone health.

➢ Mobility & movement for injury rehabilitation, management and prevention. 

ACSM quotes:

➢ to motivate and inspire

➢ Exercise is Medicine 

➢ Physical Activity is the 4th leading cause of ill-health and disability in Australia

➢ High levels of muscular fitness are associated with significantly better risk factor profiles, lower risk of all-cause mortality and cardiovascular events and improvements in bone mineral density. 

➢ Exercise and diet work synergistically to enhance blood lipid profiles and are the cornerstone lifestyle changes towards reducing your risk factor profile. 

➢ Studies have documented a consistent 10-20mmHg reduction in Systolic Blood Pressure during the initial 1-3 hours following 30-45mins of moderate intensity exercise.

➢ Further studies have shown that endurance training may elicit an average reduction of 5-7mmHg in blood pressure within individuals with stage I & II Hypertension for up to 9 hours following exercise.

➢ A number of research studies have confirmed that exercise alone or in combination with caloric restriction is more effective in reducing abdominal fat cell size than diet alone, thus the most efficient means of reducing abdominal fat is through exercise. 

➢ What exercise provides over in addition to dietary supplements or medications are improvements in muscle strength, mobility and balance -all of which have been shown to reduce the risk of falling, fractures and improve quality of life.

Health Information Sessions

We provide regular patient information sessions on a variety of health related topics.

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