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Encouraging a balanced mind

A healthy mind improves the way our body responds to stress.

Psychology is both a science and a profession, devoted to understanding how people think, feel, behave and learn.

We ask the right questions

We take the time to listen and understand your needs so you can get the most out of each appointment.

A psychologist works directly with people to help them recover from depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and other mental health issues.

Our Clinical psychologists are trained in the assessment and diagnosis of mental illnesses and psychological problems and are qualified to provide advice in clinical and compensation areas.


We can work with athletes and sports people to enhance performance or to address concerns with burnout.

A targeted approach

By highly experienced therapists who have treated all types of conditions from mild to severe and complex.

Clinical psychologists use a range of techniques and therapies to treat mental health disorders.


They hold particular skills to solve complex clinical psychology problems requiring individually-tailored treatment.


You may learn some invaluable tools for managing many types of mental conditions. 

Our Psychologists:

If you choose to get involved with psychology at The Living Well Studio, you’re opting for a highly experienced therapists who have worked with everything from mild to severe and complex cases.

Kelli Travers

Clinical Psychologist

Conveniently located at 2/5 Stevenson Crt Burleigh, Gold Coast.

The Living Well Studio is easily accessible and has parking right out the front. We enjoy seeing our clients from all over the Gold Coast.

Is this your first time at The Living Well Studio or your first psychology session?

If so, you will need to book an initial session. This is a 60-minute appointment. We take the time to understand your issues and map out a process to relieve the symptoms.

Important: Be sure to turn up 5 min prior to the appointment to fill out our customer data sheet.

After moving to the GC a few years back I needed to find some people to look after my health & well being and looking online I found this place. I’ve been coming to the studio for 2 years now for a variety of treatments including massage, acupuncture, physio, pilates & most recently chiropractic work. I love the evidence, multidisciplinary based approach and have found every treatment fantastic and the staff friendly. I also love the ethos of the studio which shows through in a variety of ways, right down to the toilet paper (Who Gives a Crap!). I can’t recommend it enough!

Shirly Sareyka
I have been going to this amazing studio for just over two years since arriving on the Gold Coast. It is a one-stop wellness centre and it has changed my life. The staff are truly dedicated to their roles and have educated me on how to maintain my body and set me up for life. Thank you!
Mary-Anne Simms
I searched for a good pregnancy massage at many different clinics and then found Leesa at The Living Well studio after being referred by a friend. So glad I found her! She sorted out my back pains after 1 session!
Nat Masters

Psychology Pricing

Remember, depending on your health fund, you may be able to claim back psychology

Initial Appointment
60 minutes


60 minutes