Pregnancy, Motherhood & Yoga

Sep 22, 2019 | Yoga

Pregnancy, Motherhood and Yoga at TLWS

Pregnancy and early parenthood can be a time of great joy and amazement. It is also a significant time of change physically, emotionally and mentally for a woman. Finding ways to support herself through this life transition is important for a woman through the perinatal period.

The practice of yoga, specifically prenatal and postnatal yoga can provide an expecting or new Mum with powerful strategies of support through this time.

At The Living Well Studio, a safe space is provided which nurtures and supports a woman’s overall wellbeing through pregnancy and postnatally. Specialised classes are taught from a foundation of knowledge and experience of the perinatal changes for a woman and how to traverse these.

Yoga is well known for its physical practice of poses or asanas that strengthen the body and release tension. Specific modifications for your body’s changing needs are taught, understanding how to keep a woman safe during pregnancy and also whilst she is recovering during the postnatal period. Understanding how a woman’s body changes throughout pregnancy and birth and the impact of hormones on flexibility, circulation and movement is critical in providing safe practices through this time.

Alongside the physical aspect of yoga in strengthening and restoring the body, yoga also provides breath and mindfulness practices which support a woman’s mental/emotional wellbeing through a time of transition and change. The principle of mind-body connection underpins all yoga practice and is no different in pre and postnatal yoga practice. Using the breath and movement to create a present moment experience allows for feeling centred with deeper self-awareness. These practices can assist in preparation for birthing, as well as for the unpredictable world of early parenthood.

Throughout Prenatal and Postnatal Mama and Bub classes, a foundation of building connection and bonding with your baby underpins the yoga practice. Honouring the special relationship forming with your baby alongside nurturing, strengthening and restoring the whole wellbeing of a woman.

Women do not need any prior yoga experience to participate in these classes.

Pregnant women may attend Prenatal classes from 2nd trimester onwards.

Mama and Bub classes are suitable for Women who are 8 weeks postnatal, with their babies up to early crawling age.

Prenatal classes are due to commence in October. Register your interest at the front desk and fill out the following survey to help us determine the best time for you!


Postnatal Mama and Bub classes are held Wednesday mornings at 10.45am. To book please speak to our friendly front desk staff.