Professional Instructors focused on you.

The way Group Physio Sessions should be.

We are the Group Physio Professionals

Group Physio Studio  |  Burleigh, Gold Coast

Classes to suit first timers, Group physio regulars to the advanced athlete

Professional Instructors focused on you.
The way Pilates should be.

Professional Group Physio Studio

Each Session is Tailored to Your Needs

Whether you are recovering from injury, an elite athlete looking to maximise performance, or a busy mum or dad after greater vitality, the Living Well Studio offers a holistic approach to group physio.

Always a max of 4 per class

Don’t get lost in a crowd

Don’t get lost in a crowd of people doing exactly the same exercises. At The Living Well Studio, every Group Physio Session is tailored to your needs, fitness, goals, or injury rehabilitation.

Our instructors will know exactly what exercises, repetition and specialist equipment will suit you.

Conveniently located at 2/5 Stevenson Crt Burleigh, Gold Coast.

We boast a purpose-built Pilates Studio with professional reformer equipment to deliver a full range of Pilates programs to suit your needs.

Step 01

Initial Assessment by one of our Physiotherapists:

Before you start your Pilates program you will need to book in for an initial 1:1 assessment by one of our Physiotherapists or Pilates Instructors. This allows us to tailor the classes to your strengths, weaknesses, injuries, to see what your goals are and find out which instructor will serve you best.

Step 02

Initial 1 on 1 Physio Session:

Your first session with The Living Well Studio will be a 1 on 1 with your instructor. This session is used as an orientation and for your instructor to get to know what equipment and exercises will suit you best.

This 1 on 1 session will be 50 minutes  including warm-up stretches and a full session in the studio.

Your 1 on 1 session will be booked after your Initial Assessment.

Step 03

Select one of our Group Physiotherapy Classes.

We have over 120 classes per week. We’ll find one to suit your schedule

1:1 or Small
Group Session

Max of 4 per class

An economical way of enjoying the benefits of group physio without getting lost in a crowd. Each class is tailored to each individual to maximise the results. Your choice of experienced Qualified Physiotherapists.

Group Physio Classes for the Dancer

Dance performance specific Group Physiotherapy Classes
Work with our dance performance physiotherapist to get work on specific parts of your movement and for your general fitness.

Bubs & Me Pilates

A slower pace and a great space for you and bubs

Finding the time to get active while caring for your little one has now become easier.

Pro Facilities

Pro Instructors

Having been a client since 2012, and experienced many other Pilates, Chiro and physio studios, I can truly say that the Living Well Studio is like no other. The vibe, energy and sense of community draws me in and the individualised programs and treatments have helped me transition to a mostly pain free existence (no more pain killers)! I even completed a 37km hike this year, in ONE day. Never thought I would be able to do this but my legs and glutes are stronger thanks to Pilates. I also love my home program…i can roll out and do Pilates any where, any time. I take my foam roller on holidays sometime. True story! Thanks Radd, Indi and team! X.
Courtney Adamson
Such an incredibly welcoming, relaxing vibe – I love it here. Pilates sessions accommodate you as an individual – I always feel so much better after a class. Also, Indianna Franke is magic with the massage – helped my back pain that had lasted weeks in just a matter of minutes. Can’t recommend Living Well highly enough
Missy Burrell
Came to this amazing studio during my first pregnancy and cannot recommend it enough. Went through a few different Pilates instructors/Physio’s as my availability kept changing, and they were all amazing. Will be back for my post natal classes.
Sissel Way

Our Group Physiotherapy Team