Maintaining Optimal Health and Wellness with Pilates

Jul 19, 2018 | Pilates

Maintaining Optimal Health and Wellness with Pilates

At The Living Well Studio, we partner the traditional principles of the Pilates method (outlined below) with modern evidence-based exercise rehabilitation practices. We acknowledge the inter-relationship of the art and science of improving human performance.

We have been the leaders on the Gold Coast for the past 7 years in high-quality instruction, individualised programs, and a well-equipped space. Our goal is to empower our clients to reach optimal health and wellness and maintain it. Our highly trained practitioners provide guidance in a safe, nonintimidating clinical environment.  We encourage a regular reassessment of personal goals and liaise with the referring health practitioner to provide the best possible program.

A reminder of your Pilates options to spread out your health fund $$

Our group Physiotherapy Pilates classes are claimed under your Physiotherapy amount in your private health. We also offer instructor based sessions @ $30/session (a pack 10 for $250) which provides the same high standard and quality of therapeutic exercise and is a fabulous option to spread your dollar further.

Matwork classes are also an excellent way to focus on the fundamentals of Pilates.

Call reception on 5535 5667 to book your 5 or 10 week block of mat classes, just $100 or $175 respectively.



What are the Pilates fundamentals?



Concentration promotes the mind-body connection. As you focus and become mindful of each body movement, Pilates states you will receive optimum physical value from each movement as well as enhance your body awareness.


During your Pilates workout, you should consciously bring your focus to the center of your body. As you focus within, this Pilates principle suggests you will bring calm to both your body and spirit. Pilates called the center of your torso the “powerhouse,” from which all energy for exercise is derived.


Pilates’ method is based on mindfulness, including proper, safe and complete muscle control. With proper control, you utilize the exact and correct form, leaving no part of your body unattended. In your mindful awareness, you direct each and every movement.


According to Pilates’ precision principle, executing one exercise with deliberate exactitude is more important than completing more repetitions with sloppier form. For this reason, good Pilates instructors provide detailed instructions to their students on all Pilates movements.


Deep, controlled, diaphragmatic breathing activates blood circulation and awakens cells and muscles. Pilates recommended visualizing the lungs as bellows as you bring air into the fullest and release it in the same manner. He wrote that breathing is the most integral part of the exercise, and even if one follows no other recommendation, learning to breathe correctly is the most important thing.


From head to toes, the Pilates method stresses good posture and awareness of the placement of all parts of your body. During your Pilates workout, it is important to be aware of the position of your head, neck, spine, and pelvis to ensure proper breathing and technique.


Pilates routines are completed through a gentle flow. Grace, ease, and fluidity are the intention Joseph Pilates applied to all exercise. Continuous, smooth, and elegant movement as you transition from one pose to another will bring strength and stamina according to this principle.


Breath, control, mindfulness, centering, alignment, and precision unite as the many groups of muscles work together to support and govern movement. Practicing each of the above principles achieves Pilates’ goal of an integrated mind-body workout.