Gold Coast Marathon Running Tips

Jun 15, 2018 | Physiotherapy

If you are running at this years GC Marathon and are doing the 5.7km or 10km make sure you have run that distance, or close to it, a few times in the weeks prior to the race. The week of the race I would only do 2 runs and make the last run on Wednesday, then rest up until the Saturday of the race. Try and go out at a moderate pace and then pick it up over those last 1-2km as you probably would like to get a PB over that distance. Before the race, move around a lot to keep warm and do some light stretching for the spine, hips, hamstrings, hip flexors, quads & calves – nothing too intense, save the deeper stretching for after the race. If you are not sure what to do come & see us and we will show you.

If you are doing the 21km or 42km I would be doing 18-20km (for 1/2) or 34-36km (for full) 2 weeks out from the actual race. You need these 2 weeks prior to the race to taper and make sure there are no little niggling injuries. In terms of bone stress and muscle/ tendon recovery after these long runs you need “Bob the Builder” to catch up to “Pacman” – if that doesn’t make sense come & talk to us!

The week of the race I would do 3 runs- Sunday a 10-12km (for the 1/2) or 18km (for the full), then Tuesday 5-10km then Thursday 4-8km. Allow that full 48 hours of recovery at least before the race. Same advice for pre-race warm up, drink every 5km even if you don’t feel like it at the time and if you are doing the full eat something every hour (gel, dates, carb bar, banana) whatever fits in your belt bag. That way you will finish feeling relatively amazing not shattered.

I also have magnesium baths after every long run, have a massage every 2 weeks and Physio for any niggling injuries (although haven’t really had any apart from the fractures in the ankle last year). If you do your strength/ stability exercises and stretching you can manage any niggles easily. If you are not sure what to do come and see us.

I am off to New York in November to do the New York Marathon for my 50th birthday. Next year I want to do the Gold Coast Marathon again to complete a “5 marathons by 50” goal. I would love to get a group of us to do the Marathon next year and we have a whole year to prepare our bodies for it. So if you have ever had even a tiny thought of running a Marathon, then you can do it! With the right preparation and NOT OVERTRAINING I believe there are many of you out there that can. It’s only 4-6 hours of your life, with a bit of eating and drinking along the way and an incredible sense of what you can endure when you finish. We can help get your body ready for it 🙂


Don’t forget if you keen to run alongside us in the Gold Coast marathon events let our receptionists know. Register online, show us your registration and let us know your size to receive a sweet as running top to represent TLWS as well as a free trigger ball to massage out all those tight spots! Go team go!!

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