doTERRA Oil of the Month – Ice Blue Athletic Cream

Sep 18, 2018 | Essential Oils

Our resident doTERRA specialist Julie Barfoot suggests…

This month is the doTERRA Ice Blue Athletic Cream for massage and sports therapy applications.

This powerful and effective aromatic cream was formulated as a soothing solution for sore muscles and joints and deep tissue pain and supports healthy circulation.

Ice Blue Key Ingredients

• Ice Blue essential oil blend of Wintergreen, Camphor bark (which has known analgesic benefits), Peppermint, Blue Tansy, German Chamomile, Helichrysum, and Osmanthus

• Menthol—Provides a cooling effect

• Eucalyptus—Helps to temporarily calm muscle and joint inflammation

• Wintergreen—Supports circulation and brings warmth to the affected area

• Capsicum Frutescens Extract—Warms by triggering heat receptors in surface tissues

Suggested Uses:


Apply on feet, knee joints or painful areas after strenuous exercise, dance or pilates.


After long hours on the computer try rubbing on the shoulders and neck to recover and ease muscle tension.  Also helpful for kids with growing pains. In this case massage Ice Blue cream rub before bedtime.

If you are looking for more natural solutions and would like to order Ice Blue cream rub or any doTERRA oils we can do that for you at the front desk here at The Living Well Studio.