Important information on Claiming our group sessions:

Sep 23, 2019 | Physiotherapy, Pilates

The updated government health reforms introduced on April 1st 2019 have seen a few changes occur throughout the Physiotherapy and Pilates industry.

The new reforms no longer allow for rebates to be claimed through private health insurance on classes where the only content is Pilates. This is due to their research concluding that classes run by Pilates instructors with very short and low-quality training provides a low level of health care and they don’t want people to claim on it. We support this decision. It has been hard to watch the Pilates Industry water down their training courses and produce substandard services. However, it does mean that we need to differentiate between our services Pilates (with a Pilates instructor and Group Physiotherapy (with a physio ) clearly in our marketing.

Our group physiotherapy sessions at TLWS that are run by physiotherapists and have never been made only of Pilates exercises. These sessions have always been about individualised care from a physio with excellent tertiary and workplace training.


What do we do?

At The Living Well Studio whilst we have maintained a small number of Pilates only classes (sessions not run by a physio) the majority of our classes are run by highly qualified physiotherapists and are now known as Group Physiotherapy Sessions. For our sessions to qualify for health rebates they must be individualised that is everyone is doing their own personalised session within the group.  In order to join these group sessions, clients must undergo a comprehensive health assessment and 1:1 exercise session with one of our physiotherapists. This process ensures that we can develop focus areas, and short term and long-term goals for the patient. This then drives the structure of the session. These sessions also have notes written each week to track your progress and enable a hand over to other practitioners if needed. Reassessments are also an important part of the process and ensure you are on track in your sessions.

Whilst most Group Physiotherapy classes draw upon movement and exercises utilised in Pilates, they are not solely Pilates exercises. Due to how we run this service the client may be able to claim Group Physiotherapy Exercise classes under their physiotherapy cover with private health insurance. For further clarification or if you have any questions please ask our friendly team who are happy to help.

Cultural change

It’s important that you don’t refer to these sessions as Pilates classes when discussing with your health fund as it alerts them into thinking that our service is not group physiotherapy and you may not be able to claim. Always refer to it as Group Physiotherapy sessions which should be illustrated on your invoices. We get regularly audited about this and have passed each audit but changing the name of the sessions helps with this process.

What is Clinical Pilates?

Clinical Pilates is a name of a type of training in Pilates that the government have flagged as producing classes that do not meet the criteria for group physiotherapy while some practitioners have been trained in Clinical Pilates, we are not running Clinical Pilates classes.

What If I don’t claim?

Then this does not really apply to you and you can call our sessions what you want.

Please contact us if you have questions. We know it’s a challenging cultural change but it is to protect high-quality health care and our industry.