Stepping into 2020 with Matty Rimmer!

Feb 13, 2020 | Podiatry

Good health starts from the ground up!

Are your feet allowing you to meet your health goals?

 In order to do normal daily activities, exercise and enjoy life having pain free feet is a must.

Our Podiatrist Matthew now Bulk Bills patients referred by their GP on the Medicare Chronic Disease Management program ( formerly known the EPC program).

For those patients with a valid referral there is no Gap fee or cost for standard Podiatry treatments.

Check with your GP whether you are eligible for up to 5 visits per year with Matthew.


With 20 years experience Matthew can provide diagnosis, treatment and advice for a whole range of foot, ankle and lower limb problems including:

  • Heel pain.
  • Shin splints.
  • Achilles Tendon problems.
  • Painful conditions of the forefoot such as bunion pain, neuromas and inflamed bursae.

He can also provide correct diagnosis and treatment for:

  • Toe nail problems, including ingrown toenails, discoloured and fungal nails.
  • Painful dry, cracked heels.
  • Treatment of corns and plantar warts.


Do you or a family member have Diabetes?

Diabetics should be assessed and screened at least once every 12 months for foot problems by a Podiatrist.

Matthew conducts comprehensive diabetic foot assessments including checking circulation to the feet and checking for any loss of feeling or abnormal nerve sensations that can occur with Diabetes. He will also offer advice on footwear and preventative measures you can take to avoid foot health complications that can occur with diabetes. A written report back to your GP will be sent upon completion of the assessment.

Think you might need orthotics?

Matthew can prescribe and manufacture a whole range of different innersoles and orthotics to suit all conditions, budgets and many footwear styles including cycling shoes, soccer boots and even some dance shoes and sandals.

He can prescribe heat moldable semi customised innersoles right through to fully custom made orthotics using 3D scanning technology.

Orthotics can benefit all age groups from children to the elderly.

For more information check out his website.

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As per the government health guidelines on the 22nd of March 2020 non essential services will be closed. This does not include us. While we are still open for our usual services we will be practicing strict and heightened hygiene measures during this time to prevent further spread of COVID-19.

From the PM’s address today, we want to be clear we are not a gym. We are a health care practice, that provides services to optimise health and reduce pain from musculoskeletal injuries and conditions. Our studio team are ensuring complete high grade sanitisation of props and equipment that will only be single person use for each session, and ensuring social distancing. The staff and studio have had no connection to the COVID-19 at this time.

As per the government health guidelines we will not allow access to our services if you answer “yes” to any of the below:

Have you been overseas in the last 14 days?
Have you been in contact with anyone who tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 14 days?
Do you have a dry cough, shortness of breath, fever or sore throat?
If answered yes to any of the above, please call the COVID-19 hotline on 1800 020 080.

We ask patients who are at risk to please let us know before your appointment so we can discuss your position. This includes immune-suppressed, the elderly and those who have been in high-risk areas. We also ask that you call the clinic if you do develop COVID-19 or have come in contact with someone who has so we can act according to the government recommendations.

For all treatments, our linen is being changed for every client and a wipe down of all equipment used. We ask that you remain in your car until your treatment time to minimise patient to patient contact in the waiting area. We also ask that you use ‘tap and go’ for your payment method rather than cash. Also we will not require you to sign your health fund slip to minimise cross use of pens between staff and patients. All our door handles and surfaces are regularly being cleaned during the day.

We ask everyone who comes in for group therapy sessions.

Bring a large towel and socks.
Keep 1.5m distance between yourself and others.
Wash your hands before and after the class.
If you need to cough or sneeze, cover your face and wash or sanitise hands immediately.
If you wish to wear gloves we have them available for you.
Online and Telehealth will be an option in the very near future….watch this space.

We are understanding of each and everyone’s individual position and we deeply care for your health and encourage everyone to take steps to keep strong and healthy at this time. Please feel free to call or email our staff to voice your concern and receive guidance. We are dedicated to informing you of our position and future movements in relation to Covid-19.

Thank you for your cooperation and support.

TLWS Management team.