Women’s Wellbeing Restorative Yoga

Sep 23, 2019 | Yoga

“Let your body settle into the props, and let the props do the work. Remember that in restorative yoga the goal is not to stretch, but to open. Breathe in the moment, exhale your tension.”

Judith Hanson Lasater

This quote by the queen of restorative yoga, Judith Hanson Lasater reflects the essence of a restorative practice. By allowing the body to be supported, the body will open, the nervous system switches from running in sympathetic mode to para-sympathetic mode. This in simple terms means going from running in “fright-fight-flight” mode which puts the body and mind on high alert to a rest, digest, restore mode. Our modern world requires much of our nervous system, with a culture that allows or even demands we be constantly “switched on”, available 24/7, managing a multitude of roles, tasks and expectations from our families, our friends, our employers and ourselves. Our system is not designed to be in this state long term and over time the toll is taken on our physical, mental and emotional health.

Finding the tools to support our whole being and create moments of being present, connecting our minds with our bodies, and resting our whole system can be empowering and deeply restorative.

The Women’s Wellbeing yoga classes at Living Well Studio offer a practice with a foundation in nourishing women’s nervous systems and providing a space where life’s demands can be put on hold for a moment in time. These classes are taught from a knowledge base of the specific needs of women’s bodies as they navigate the constant changes arising through a woman’s life span.

This yoga practice assists women to feel empowered in traversing monthly cycle changes, life stage transitions, managing and recovering from illness or injury or finding a path through the exhaustion and mental strain from the demands of modern life. 

Classes offer a supportive practice to encourage flexibility of mind, a strong connection with your body’s needs and practices to nourish your whole being.

Classes are offered Wednesday morning at 9am – 10.15am and can be booked online www.livingwellstudio.com.au or speak with our friendly front desk staff!.