Womens Wellbeing Yoga

May 10, 2019 | Yoga

Women’s Wellbeing Yoga

As a woman in 2019 do you find yourself with increasing levels of stress, an endless to-do list, balancing a career, a role as a carer or mother and trying to fit in time to build loving relationships?

Do you find it harder to create space for your own wellbeing to keep your physical, mental and emotional health robust and balanced?

Do you long for a sense of feeling nourished, calm and connection to a deeper sense of yourself and freedom?

Feminine based yoga can support you to finally fulfil this longing.

A practice which is honouring of the uniqueness of women’s bodies, it allows women to build strength and stability physically and emotionally in a way which steps back from needing to be “constantly switched on and striving.”

It allows women to build awareness of their body, their mind and where their levels of energy are at when they step on their mat for a practice.

Classes incorporate extensive use of props to assist with alignment and building strength and pelvic stability, mindfulness and breath practices to ease the busyness of your mind and restorative poses to nourish your nervous system and create space within.

As women, we navigate the constant changes of our female bodies from adolescence commencing menstruation, through monthly changes and challenges of our cycle, possibly pregnancy, birth and motherhood, and into all stages of menopause. As our bodies change through our life span, we are called on to adapt and integrate these different life phases and the joys and/or challenges they bring. A feminine yoga practice empowers women to traverse these life stage changes with flexibility of mind, a strong connection to her body’s needs and practices to support her body through change instead of resisting.

This class is suited to all women. It also provides unique support for women managing menstrual cycle difficulties/disorders, fertility issues, adrenal fatigue and perimenopause symptoms.

Classes are small and boutique (max 6 women) allowing for individual modification as required.

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