New yoga classes at The Living Well Studio

Apr 2, 2019 | Physiotherapy

Introducing Maia Vatcher

Yoga instructor | Social worker

After practising yoga for over 20 years, fulfilling a dream to teach has enabled Maia to share how yoga practice cultivates a sense of feeling grounded and calm through life’s unpredictability.

She is a Level 1 Hatha yoga teacher with specialist training as a women’s health yoga teacher. She has also completed additional training in fertility, prenatal, postnatal, restorative and children’s yoga. Her teaching and practice is strongly influenced by the teachings of Donna Farhi, Judith Lasater and Ana Davis.

Maia’s classes offer a combination of gentle flow and static poses to build stability. These are woven with supported poses to calm the mind and nourish the nervous system. The extensive use of props support practice, assisting alignment, and alternatively energising and relaxing the body to reconnect to a balanced state.

With an extensive background as a social worker/counsellor and community educator specialising in women’s health and perinatal wellbeing, her knowledge base provides a therapeutically orientated approach. Maia’s experience in mental and emotional wellbeing has refined her ability to hold a safe space to strengthen the mind-body connection and cultivate self awareness through breath centred, mindful movement.

She is passionate about using body and breath to nurture, nourish and heal, allowing a person to fulfil their potential.

Opening special
first class attended $14 (restorative and women’s wellbeing classes only)

New yoga classes at The Living Well Studio:

Prenatal yoga course | MON 5:15 – 6:30pm (4 weeks commencing 13th May)

Restorative yoga class | 6:45-8:00pm (commencing 29th April)

Women’s wellbeing yoga class | WED 9:00-10:15am

Postnatal Mama & Bub Yoga | 10:30-11:45am (commencing 8th May)

Possible additional class Lunchtime Restore and Re-energise yoga

Class descriptions

Postnatal Mama n Bub Yoga
A class specifically for Mama’s in the postnatal period, with their babies.

This yoga practice is designed to help safely strengthen a woman’s body after birth and support her mental and emotional well-being in the transition to motherhood.

This practice allows for a mother to engage with her baby during class, supporting the mother and baby bond and strengthening attachment. Class for babies 8 weeks to crawling.

A safe space to nurture yourself during pregnancy, this 4 week course is designed to provide support and relaxation to develop overall well-being and inner calm.

Using asanas which strengthen the body, with breath and mindfulness to develop a deep connection with her unborn baby, this class guides women in preparation for labour, birth and beyond into motherhood.

This class is for first time and subsequent pregnancies. The class is suitable for women from their 2nd trimester onwards.This is a women only class.

Classes booked in 4 week blocks. Classes commence Monday 13th May 5.15pm to 6.30pm

Feeling exhausted, overwhelmed by life or just needing some self care? Come and experience restorative yoga.

Using a variety of props including bolsters and blankets, poses are practiced in a supportive manner, allowing for deep connection between mind, body and breath.

This gentle and nourishing practice helps release physical and emotional tension, easing fatigue, stress and renewing energy.

Class open to men and women.

Women’s Wellbeing
Women’s Wellbeing Yoga is a class to support and nourish women at all phases of their life span, from menstruation through to perimenopause and menopause.

Through a yoga practice which is suited to the unique physiology of women, it provides a gentle but strengthening and stabilising practice that supports women in finding balance and wellbeing.

This is a women only class.

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From the PM’s address today, we want to be clear we are not a gym. We are a health care practice, that provides services to optimise health and reduce pain from musculoskeletal injuries and conditions. Our studio team are ensuring complete high grade sanitisation of props and equipment that will only be single person use for each session, and ensuring social distancing. The staff and studio have had no connection to the COVID-19 at this time.

As per the government health guidelines we will not allow access to our services if you answer “yes” to any of the below:

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