Have you been alarmed to hear from your Health Fund that PILATES won’t be covered anymore?

Feb 20, 2019 | Physiotherapy

Health Fund Changes

You may have received an email or letter from your health fund advising you Pilates is no longer covered, which is true, PILATES is no longer recognised as a sole therapy. The new rules in line with the PHI reforms as outlined by the APA (physio’s governing board).

What are the new rules?

Private health insurance rebates will no longer be available for a number of natural therapies including Pilates. As a result of our advocacy efforts, the Department of Health has confirmed that physiotherapists are the only practitioners eligible to deliver exercises drawn from Pilates within their scope of practice and claim rebates.

However, physiotherapy exercise sessions – whether individual, group or class – cannot be promoted or advertised as Pilates or clinical Pilates.

The Department’s initial position was to remove all rebates for Pilates-informed exercises regardless of who delivered them or where. The outcome we have negotiated means physiotherapists can continue to prescribe treatments informed by a range of relevant techniques.

It also clearly differentiates physiotherapy from other treatment practices – and recognises our training and expertise in clinical settings.

Our session which were once referred to as pilates are now referred to as group physiotherapy sessions, which are without a doubt informed  by the Pilates method but not solely.

Extensive education in physiotherapy based science and exercise science helps shape the sessions so many people enjoy at TLWS. We are proud to marry many therapeutic methods together and therefore don’t have a problem not referring to the sessions as pilates.

Like all change it takes a while to get used to! If you have been seeing our physio team for your class, nothing will change, you attend “physiotherapy group therapy” which is on your invoices and covered by the codes 560 and 561.