Aroma Tools to Help you Navigate the Silly Season

Dec 20, 2018 | Essential Oils

Our resident doTERRA specialist Julie Barfoot suggests…

Aroma Tools to Help you Navigate the Silly Season

T’is the season to be jolly, angry, sad, anxious, stressed, overwhelmed and even fearful.  It is not only the Christmas turkey that has stuff!

The festive season can trigger a whole gamut of emotions whether we celebrate with our families and friends or by ourselves. Gatherings with family and friends can be nourishing rich wholesome experiences or can trigger all sorts of emotional reactions or even a meltdown.

doTERRA has six awesome oils to help you navigate the silly season with grace and ease! They can be purchased as a kit or singularly as an oil or roll on for more convenient use.

These proprietary blends provide targeted emotional health benefits for the entire family and can be applied every day to specific points on the body to help balance and brighten your changing moods. 

doTERRA CHEER With a sunshiny, optimistic aroma is easy to use on the go to provide a boost of happiness and positivity when you are feeling down.

doTERRA CONSOLE uses sweet floral and tree essential oils to promote feelings of comfort, putting you on a hopeful path of emotional healing.

The fresh, woody aroma of doTERRA FORGIVE helps to counteract emotions of anger and guilt while promoting the liberating feelings of contentment, relief, and patience.

Feelings of confidence and courage will replace negative emotions like guilt and pessimism, with the doTERRA MOTIVATE blend of mint and citrus essential oils. 

When feelings of boredom and disinterest take over, the doTERRA PASSION blend will help to rekindle feelings of excitement, passion and joy. 

Use the doTERRA PEACE Blend to promote feelings of contentment, composure, and reassurance when anxious feelings overwhelm you.

Suggested Uses:

  • Aromatic: Inhale directly from bottle or diffuse.
  • Topically: Apply/roll over solar plexus (upper stomach), heart, on the wrists or behind the ears.

Holy Shift!  Have a Happy Christmas and New Year everyone!