Masters in Sports Physiotherapy

Nov 22, 2018 | Physiotherapy

Indi has worked through another semester of her Masters in Sports Physiotherapy at The University of Queensland!

“I am so appreciative of our team and you the clients for supporting me in continuing my studies to become a more qualified physiotherapist and bring more expertise to our practice. I know it has meant I am less available. My availability will improve over the next 6 months until the study ramps up again halfway through 2019. Thank you again for all the support.”

Indi also tripped down to Melbourne this month and attended a specialist course run by the NOI group and Peter O’Sullivan (a specialist musculoskeletal physio) to pick up some tricks in addressing acute and chronic pain.

There were many important areas explored, to name a few;  imaging in musculoskeletal injury, individualised management of chronic low back pain, the neuroscience of pain and importance of positive metaphors when talking about your own and patient health.

Indi will be presenting to the group over the next few weeks on some of the tips she learned.

Some website she found helpful for people suffering from pain are below: