Sexy Summer Feet

Nov 16, 2018 | Podiatry

With summer coming, the feet will be on show and if you are concerned about the state of your feet then book in and see Podiatrist Matthew Rimmer.

Matthew can provide effective, evidence-based treatments for many common conditions that are not only unsightly but can sometimes be linked to a more serious underlying disease.

With Melbourne Cup close by and Christmas Festivities only just around the corner now is an ideal time to get the feet in tip-top condition.

Unsightly, discoloured nails, thick, hard skin, corns, plantar warts, and dry, cracked heels are not a great look. With the right assessment, treatment and advice Matthew can have your feet feeling and looking great. He can also advise you on effective self-treatments, the best summer footwear brands and prescribe simple exercises which can alleviate discomfort and pain from wearing thongs, dress shoes and high heels.

Give the feet an early Christmas present book in today and use your health fund before it expires.