A Guide to Winter Wellness

Jun 12, 2018 | Naturopathy


The days are shorter,  the nights cooler. Winter is a ‘yin’ season, a time to go inward for rest and recovery. Nurture and nourish from the inside out…

Top Tips for Winter Wellness

One – Dress Correctly
Keep warm both internally and externally especially your neck, kidney region (lower back) and your feet & hands.

Two – Early Bedtime
If the sun goes down earlier it is a cue from nature for us to slow down and get to bed earlier. Enjoy a bath with essential oils and magnesium.

Three – Nourish Well
Warm foods – more cooked, less raw. Enjoy stews, slow cooked meals, soups, curries. Include winter vegetables (root veggies) such as pumpkin, potato, sweet potato, parsnip & turnips.

Four – Stay Hydrated
Enjoy herbal teas, broths, water and warm fluids.

Five – Maintain Good Digestion
Chew your food slowly. Sit down to eat. Avoid water at mealtimes (15 minutes either side of eating) and at all times avoid chilled drinks.

Six – Smile & Laugh Often
Laughter activates DHEA a healing and anti-aging hormone. A smile directed at another person can help regulate their cortisol levels (stress hormone) and hopefully you in return receive a smile back 🙂

Seven – See a Naturopath for Supportive Herbs
We have a pandora’s box of immune supportive herbs to combat the cold, flu and other infections that increase during the winter months. They are natures antibiotic without disturbing your gut health.