Further Development in the Iyengar Yoga System

Apr 22, 2018 | Yoga


As part of developing his Iyengar Yoga skill set, next month Brad will fly down to Melbourne to attend an intense three day program otherwise known as ‘Assessment’.

Assessment is a bit like a grading system in which the teacher demonstrates development in their personal yoga practice and teaching standard to satisfy a panel of assessors to graduate up through the higher levels of the Iyengar training system.

This rigorous 3 day process squeezes the teacher through the pressure cooker environment so they can show the assessing panel they have mastered their yoga practice and are seriously capable of teaching yoga to a class of random students some of which have mock injuries and some have actual injuries. It is the teachers ability to skilfully manage injuries, illnesses and chronic conditions whilst thinking on their feet that sets the Iyengar teacher apart.

Brad will find out on day 3 whether he is graded as a pass or fail and regardless of the result he will have been bestowed with observational insights, intuitive advice and recommendations that the assessing panel observe in his practice and teaching.

There are 12 levels of assessment to go through in the Iyengar yoga system which can take a lifetime of commitment to accomplish. Brad has personally been teaching in the Iyengar system for the last 10 years and teaching yoga for last 17 years.

We wish him all the best in his pursuit.