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If you needed any more reasons for booking a massage, numerous studies have shown the benefits of remedial massage for treating a number of common health concerns. From improving circulation, addressing insomnia, headaches and muscular tightness through to helping to alleviate stress – is there anything a good massage can’t help with? Touch as a healing modality has been used for thousands of years and massage is a popular choice when it comes to alleviating aches and pains. Remedial stands slightly apart from a relaxation massage in that it targets problem areas and utilises specific techniques to correct imbalances in the soft tissue systems in the body.

This muscular therapy involves a more scientific approach to treatment through muscle and joint testing and aims to ease tightness that can be contributing to chronic pain. If you choose to have a remedial massage at The Living Well Studio, you’re opting for highly experienced and multifaceted therapists who have treated elite level sportspeople with complex injuries. They utilise a variety of therapeutic techniques including dry needling, cupping, hot stones and lymphatic drainage to address any muscular concerns you might have.

Tiele has been massaging for over ten years and utilises cupping, needling deep tissue, myofascial release and skin rolling as well as postural assessment and clinical tests to ascertain the most effective treatment for you.

Leesa began her massage career over ten years ago working with national sporting associations including tennis, swimming, cricket and rugby. She combines her experience from this period in her career with the knowledge gained from her exercise science degree.

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Remedial Massage Therapist

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