Chiropractic Care

Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast

Chiropractic to us concerns the connection between the brain, spine and body. We know that by adjusting the spine we can cause changes in these connections. Our practice is focused on more than just helping you feel better. We know what full human capabilities are and we don’t want you to have any less.

We check your progress by:

  • Simple and complex tasks
  • Coordination skills
  • How well your spine moves
  • The changes you have noticed in your life
  • Posture scans
  • Brain and nervous system tests

The benefits

Adjust you.
A Chiropractor will adjust your brain-body connections to improve your function and structure. This, in turn, can influence your reactions and responses in life. The roller coaster of ups and downs you may be experiencing can start to balance resulting in a nice flowing lifestyle.

Improve your Function.
This is how everything works. It can be influenced by how well the brain connects to the body and back again. A good function means great movement, great digestion, good sleep, clear thoughts and just feeling well.

Improve your Structure.
This is how everything is positioned in your body. How are your bones/joints aligned? Are your muscles, ligaments and even internal organs where they are supposed to be to work best? This, in turn, has a big influence on your Function.

Our Chiropractors

Matt Hamann


Radd Peters


Pricing and Bookings

Health Information Sessions

We provide regular patient information sessions on a variety of health related topics.

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Unit 2, 5 Stevenson Court
Burleigh Heads, QLD

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Monday–Friday: 6am–7pm

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The studio is closed on public holidays unless stated otherwise.